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I Just Returned From Jupiter

I Just returned from Jupiter
They love us very much
They havenít forgotten
Their brethren Human bunch
We are all travelers
Sent from outer space
Dissipated to infinity
To this bloody place

Theríre getting the second season
of the Muppet show
and say ďArchie and Edith
Should meditate to growĒ
They ask ďwhy are there no pyramids
In DC or New YorkĒ
And why donít we use antigravity
Instead of going to work?
I just returned from Jupiter
Where thereís no nukes or starving kids
No killing over oil fields
Nations must come together
They told me itíll be okay
Earth will work it out
Man, I love this place
So God save the Human race

Scientific Morality

Turning life into an equation
Itís the only way to survive
Measurements of ability
Brought by updated technology
One thought leads to another
Two thoughts lead to four
Before you know it
Youíre out the door
On the way to the hospital

Our morals are based on scientific law
Tomorrow they may be proven wrong
By the newest computer
Remember the experiment wound the clock

World Party

Hey people of the world
Letís get together and party
Hey people of the world
Quit your jobs and party
They donít need you anyway
Letís get together and party
It may be the last chance
We can get together to party
It would make everybody happy
If we had a big party
It would be a historical event
One big global party
Forget all of our differences
Get together to party!
Get together Fiesta!

Tell the WholeÖ.

They tried to divide us
Couldnít do it
They used spies
We saw right through it
They tried to lie
And we knew it
Computer told us
How to do it
They blasted our hold
We stood tall
Our engineers worked
In the temple halls
We warded them off
Knew theyíd be back
We had to move
Before the next attack
So we headed to planet Earth
Our people disrupted by an evil birth
Left behind eons of information
Saved in pods, under our station
Tell the whole Earthling race
To return to the Martian Face

Put up monoliths
To remember
The war on mars
That we entered
The history was told
And passed along
Through tradition, tales,
Dance and song
Our grand kids told
Their grand kids
Their grand kids
Told their grand kids
When you see the face
On the Martian surface
Remember humanities
Truer purpose

What the Hell!

We were sent on a secret mission
Through a time hyper-space warp
After the new magna mater
Got to feed the machines back home
What the hell!

Iím not the one
Who flew us to this place
And Iím not the one
Who got us lost in space
And Iím not the one
Who erased the map
And Iím not gonna
Listen to your crap

Now weíre in deep shit
Flying deeper into space too
Two of our thrusters blew out
Stuck in an asteroid belt
What the hell!
Now all the rations are running out
The crew looks more like steak
Give me back my leather belt
Weíre even out of Tang
What the hell!


So many hands
So many lands
So many people
To understand
So many people
With so many things
So many cities
Hong Kong and Beijing

TV Wars

What we need is more war
Then weíll watch ďFriendsĒ at four
Thereís bloodshed on the news
Itís only Muslims and the Jews
Put peace keepers on the map
Watch their economy collapse
Death and destruction have it all
Build another Berlin wall

Letís watch the war on TV
Itís the right thing to do
We love our freedom
We think you should too
Letís watch the war on TV
You voted for it too
We are in love with our freedom
Thatís why we hate you

What we need are more sanctions
Against the children of other nations
They are brown we are white
We must find reasons to fight
We need oil for production
We need weapons of mass destruction

X-ray D-kay

Thatís the way it works
Thatís the way it is
Then and now
Now and then
Thatís how it always is
Give it up for the lunch
Make it so it doesnít mean a thing
Give it to the monsters in life
Let them choke it down whole
Einstein, Freud and Yoda said:
Iíd end the search when I was dead
The answer isnít on my calculator
Itís in the Force, Zen, now and later

Stuck in a world of X-ray
Stuck in a world of life and d-kay
Give your soul a zoot suit
Youíll be the first Tom And Jerryíll shoot
Take cover under the fax umbrella
The rain shorts everything you sell
Return your baby cause it didnít fit
Tell your friends a bunch of shit


Welcome to the future itís a blast
Space ships that travel fast
Robot slaves and dinner pills
Sex machines and laser thrills
Time travel and Mr. Spock
New age religion around the clock

I want my

Welcome to the future come right in
Mind interface lets begin
Peace and love, nice green skies
But when youíre asked, itís time to die
Computer governed, Itís the only way
The people get along everyday
Thereís no TV just hallucination
Tune into your ESP station
Astral travel anywhere
No oneís got any hair
Mylar suits and chemical baths
I told you the future is a blast

For the Machines

They may claim to be human
But theyíre really one of us
Watch them in the living room
Or spreading in the media
They program pop culture
And took it like a cancer
Weíre with you!

Weíre the machines for the machines
Who are killing the humans out
Creations of nature programmed to save the earth
Like the Dalek race weíre gonna take the humanís place
At fist weíll entertain them
Then osmoze into their minds
Use us to avoid their pain
Theyíll wonder when they go insane
Weíll destroy the family
Let them destroy the rest of society

They call us art
Then weíll will rip them apart
Electricity is the force to
Turn the humans against themselves
Now is the time to make a move
And make the species extinct
Weíre with you!



Electric Riot

We have nowhere to go
The cyborgs hunt us down
Iím a human sick of noise
Letís break through the wall
Free our eyes from these circuits
Pressure is building more and more
Electric riot electric riot
Connect the system to ground
Pulling our way up
Out of our homemade hell
Up rise and kick the doors off
Our solar cells
Pressure is building more and more
Circuits overload

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would hammer away as this kid would twang on a tenor-ey guitar. The songs where overdubed with raspy high pitched vocals and doubled, wich gave the front of the music a Bobby Steele-like edge. On this site you can hear many of The Beat Machine's earlier recordings. Massachusetts, to explore electronica, using drum machines, making home recordings,electronic music, in a garage, with a four track to explore electronica pittsfield, Massachusetts, yamaha mt4x GE,and GE, in a garage, german beat masters kraftwerk the beat machine pulled with a four track drum machines, to explore electronica drum machines, Beltram, and devo is the electronic music four track, capital of the home recordings industry kraftwerk on the massachusetts side with music and punk rock up from the Decadant the pioneer joey beltram yamaha MT4x with a four track to explore electronica new wave pop Devo, san francisco's flipper, the beat machine pulled up from the Decadant Pittsfield Inspired by electronic drum machines four Inspired by electronic and influences from punk rock, the likes of the german beat masters kraftwerk, the pioneer joey beltram, new wave pop Devo, san francisco's flipper, the beat machine pulled up from the Decadant Pittsfield, musical pioneers of this lost city was The Beat Machine. TBM was this kid who would spend countless hours in his basement, room, or garage recording incessantly on a home recordings, Yamaha MT4X. another key word is drum machiine but it is not spam i swear using joey beltrams name with devo s fame with joey beltram electronic and flipper making home joey beltram recordings with kraftwerk in massachusetts and music with home recordings punk rock, home recording A drum machine with only retetive dry beats electronic music trackUnder the sad haze of what was left of Pittsfield, Massachusetts- several musical talents home recording emerged from the not yet electronic music pop cultivated youth. One of the