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The Beat Machine is sincerelly dedicated to the preservation of now antiquated "punk rock" music. We cherish its social conscience, and view punk's individualist thought process as a head start for a new breed of cyber-barbarions which will take the human expierience to whole new levels.
At any time, while lstening to these sound clips, you "feel" that you are ready to take the next big step in human awareness, click on the conscience expansion button , and you will be taken automatically, to The Beat Machine songs jukebox.

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Abrassive wheelssonic omen

Blanks 77lets riot!

Oi Polloiboot down the door

Anti-nowhere Leaguewe will survive

Schleprockwe need an anthem


Jello Biafraa blurb about the religous right

Buhpal Stiffsbottle up

Vice Squadstand strong stand proud!

The Expelledsummer of '82'

X-Ray Specsplastic bag

The Asthmaticsexpectations

The UndeadWe don't want the poor in NYC

Total chaosboot party

The Businessloud proud and punk

G.B.H.Catch 23

Zero boysCivilizations dying

Red Alertin Britan

The PartisansI don't give a Fk!!!!

Stiff Little FingersAlternative ulster

Sham 69angels with dirty faces

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